Performance History Highlights

Art Improves the Quality of Life – Live performance/slide lecture by Science Woman to encourage the purchasing and ownership of fine art.

Missoula Art Museum Auction – Five different performances from 1997 – 2001

Parades – Science Woman considers it a public obligation to march in parades. She has perfected a specialized wave of the hand inspired by Jackie Kennedy’s gracious public appearances.

Science Woman has participated in numerous parades such as the Caravan Project Pet Parade in Broadus, Montana in 1995 and the earliest years of the Day of the Dead Parade in Missoula, Montana. In addition, Science Woman has competed several times for the honor of “Best of Parade” at the annual Arlee,

Montana July Fourth Parade. The Arlee parade has been complimented on several occasions by squadrons of Science Women in Training. Continuing in this tradition, Science Woman was awarded an Artist’s Grant to make a large model of the earth for the Wildwalk Parade in 2014. She led the way for two athletic Science Women-in-Training to carry the earth down Higgins Avenue in Missoula during the International Wildlife Film Festival.

Montanarama – Science Woman gives a slide lecture and conducts a discussion of the special qualities that make the experience of living in Montana unique. Montanarama provides a humorous and thought-provoking analysis of the diverse elements contributing to Montana’s identity as a western state in the twenty-first century. Science Woman has performed Montanarama in numerous communities, large and small, through her membership in the Speakers Bureau of Humanities Montana since 2005.

Caravan Project – Thirteen Montana artists traveled to numerous communities all over the state of Montana during the summer of 1995. Funding was provided by grants from the N.E.A., the Montana Arts Council and Western States Art Federation.

Leslie Van Stavern Millar, performing as Science Woman, was among the participating artists. At each public park, museum, fairground and school that they visited, the artists set up portable art displays and installations. Science Woman hosted Peepshow Stories, the story in picture form of time travels by Queen Elizabeth the First to Montana at various points in the state’s illustrious history.

My History of Science – Science Woman’s concise 20-minute slide lecture reviewing the entire history of scientific discovery. Material covered includes previously unreleased photo documentation of startling theories, research findings and inventions.

The Early Years of Science Woman – An informative autobiography of Science Woman’s origins and early life. This performance is delivered as a slide lecture on many occasions, in particular to establish Science Woman’s credentials to audiences unfamiliar with her reputation and accomplishments.

Montana Visual Artist

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